#RAMENLABS – Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon x Popcorn Chicken w/ Sudden Death Sauce


  • 1 Packet of 2x Spicy Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon
  • 1 large KFC popcorn chicken (you don’t need them all, but why not get a large?)
  • 1 bottle of Blairs Sudden Death Sauce
  • 1 will to no longer live

Thanks Steve. Thanks for taking leave. That’s kind of sarcasm because we are having to do more #RamenLabs just to fill in the time, and I have the worst ideas.

So I was talking to Josh after doing yesterdays Ramen Bokkeunaise or whatever it was (which was great) and I – for some reason I’m not quite sure of – suggested we do Samyang’s double fire noodles again. I was also throwing the idea around of marinading some chicken in Ultra Death Sauce, slicing it up and serving it on top.

Josh didn’t really like the idea; he suggested we use Popcorn Chicken instead (because we both like KFC) and then I changed my mind to Sudden Death Sauce because I really didn’t want to die. Not sure how we are going to marinade Popcorn chicken in the sauce, but we do have a panini press here at work so I think we just chuck it all on there, stir it around, and hope for the best.

I’m going to die today aren’t I.


Step 1: Gather all your ingredients (we are going to grill the nuggets on a press)
Step 2: Fill a dessert spoon with Sudden Death Sauce
Step 3: Mix 2 dessert spoons of sauce with about half of the popcorn chicken.
Step 4: Realise press isn’t turning on so switch on the grill instead. Line with foil and spray with olive oil.
Step 5: Evenly distribute the death chicken across a foil-lined tray. Spray again with olive oil
Step 6: Place under grill
Step 7: While the chicken toasts, make your Nuclear Fire Noodles
Step 8: Once the noodles have been drained, add the sauce sachet and mix well.
Step 9: Plate your Nuclear Fire Noodles
Step 10: Your chicken should be done; remove from the grill and inhale the chili goodness.
Step 11: Plate with the Fire Noodles and garnish with the seaweed and sesame sachet that came with them.


Jesus christ. I was coughing so much just while cooking this. The fumes of the Sudden Death Sauce were making their way up my nose the whole time and down my throat; I was coughing a lot. This is dangerous stuff.

I decided to eat a popcorn chicken piece on it’s own to test the waters; it was deadly. It wasn’t so bad at first bite but the heat slowly crept across the entire back of my throat and it felt like I was breathing hot coals. What have I done? Looking back now I’m glad we went with the sudden death sauce instead of the ultra; besides, I really like the citrus notes the sudden death sauce seems to have.

I wolfed through this dish; I figured it’s the best way to do this. Look, it’s a pretty fabulous looking dish but don’t be fooled, it’s like the Siren of ramen meals; beautiful but deadly as all hell. This stuff made my mouth sting, my throat sting, my head sweat profusely, my eyes water, and my nose run. The fire noodles themselves were a walk in the park compared to when I popped one of those Death Nuggets into my mouth! Nuclear Fire Noodles with A-Bomb popcorn nuggets; a deadly medley.

Overall, eating this was just like you would imagine; pain, suffering, but my-oh-my was it delicious!

Josh – What the Hell? Why? Why do we do this? This is dumb; so dumb. Delicious but ultimately dumb; these were so hot that I hit a level of euphoria from eating these that lasted a significant while. It was sweet, it was chicken-y it was lava! Legitimate lava! I would recommend trying it even as a laugh but just beware, regret was had; my bum still tingles 26 hours later.

I’m impressed with how the chicken turned out; it was just bullshit hot. Good times… Good times.

Final Thoughts

Do it. You have to. You must. It’s so much fun; bring some friends round, make this up, and all enjoy the pain together!

Josh – You need to try it, It’s like nothing else. I will say this; just don’t do it thinking its going to be all smiles and lollipops, you will die.

#RamenLab Ratings

Heat Level

Taste Level

I do feel it necessary to provide full disclosure; regret was through the roof with this one. Its 12.30pm the next day and I’m still rushing to the toilet. This one will kill you. But I still think it was worth every minute.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned this week as we get back to our regular ramen regret reviews!