Samyang Ganchampong

Country of Origin: South Korea


An inviting red mess…

Seafood Ramen week for me is a nightmare, I love seafood, but seafood flavoured things are to me the worst. I was pleasantly surprised by these noodles though, the seafood flavour was very mild and more there to add a bit of depth of flavour. I am more partial to ramen that do not have an accompanying broth of liquid fire and these dry ramen didn’t disappoint. Flavour wise, in my opinion, they had a similar taste to the dreaded fire noodles with less spice. The seafood flavour was there, but as I stated earlier not overpowering and just kind of there, much like the kid at the party that no one invited keeping to himself not making a peep. High 5’s all round to Samyang for making a seafood flavoured ramen that didn’t taste like a shot of fish sauce.

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The Aftermath

I felt good afterwards, I traveled home, plus a detour to drop the missus off at her house feeling confident that my body was doing everything it could to contain the problems of the spicy noodles. I even managed to get a movie in before my tummy had the rumblies. I took my laptop with me, I figured I would be in there lavatory for quite a while, I queued up some south park and let the good times roll. I use the term good times, very loosely because I was in there for what felt like 3 months. Every time I thought the onslaught was over, another wave occurred, like Nazi zombies, the “horror” never ended. Also much like Nazi zombies, no real terror but a lot of action packed moments for the whole family to enjoy. After it was over, I was sweaty and delirious and aware that I need an air conditioner in my bathroom.

This was a 6 for me. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, if it weren’t for the forward thinking of bringing my laptop, I feel I would actually be dead from the boredom from how long I sat in there.

Ramen 2 of our seafood bonanza, this was a ‘dry’ ramen with no broth, but plenty of taste. The chilli paste gives a foreboding red colour to the noodles, and the dried ingredients are definitely premium  – slices of ginger and cabbage, squid chunks.

This is not really a seafood-heavy ramen, so if you’re not into fishy taste, this one would be a goer. The aftermath was interesting – low volume but high urgency worried me, but there was little sting on the passage, and a short cleanup afterwards. The only regret factor here for me was the time-frame – nearly an hour before the all-clear was sounded.

4 flames for me, wouldn’t advise planning anything that evening.

These were confusing; it’s supposed to be a stir-fry ramen (so no broth) but comes with dehydrated squid and vegetables. I wasn’t sure what to do; the package was all in Korean so we had no clue whether we were to add the vegetables and squid to the water before draining, throw in as is, or hydrate separately. Maybe we should learn Korean.

The seafood was a subtle undertone (until you bite into a piece of squid) and the pieces of ginger were a nice addition; just wish there was more. The overall flavour was mostly “sweet and heat”. I’d call this a distant cousin of the infamous “fire noodles”. I actually enjoyed these somewhat; wouldn’t seek again as seafood isn’t my go-to flavour for ramen but wouldn’t say no if offered again.

In terms of regret it was smooth sailing until about 10pm; there was a bit of abdominal pain and some quite loud passing of gas. Was on the bowl for about 20 minutes but there was no sting around the ring or  any rapid movements. The temporary pain was still an annoyance.

3 flames; the stomach pain was very gastro-like and it meant I had to stay on the bowl for 20 minutes. I feel it would definitely interrupt any important evening plans.

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